Rebekah covered in salt.


Spydster - The Wolf Among Us

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QuestionIn regards to Equilibrium, your recent rsyvent made me think about it. It's an action movie (I wouldn't recommend watching it with your brother) made in 2002 where feelings are illegal and carry a rather extreme punishment. Answer


Wow! That description made me immediately interested. I’ll look into it soon! Thank you. ovo

Equilibrium is sooo cooool A+ rosie

Based on the YouTube series “Tuna Bandits” by BruceWillakers and PauseUnpause (featured above from left to right), this is a fan artwork done in a movie poster format that shows the atmosphere and personalities of the bandits as they explore the world of Rust in search of tuna.

If you m8s want to be swanky as hell, and dine next to a picture of Willy and Poose dining on Tuna, or even poop next to a picture of Wallakers and Paz squatting, now is your chance! I finally put this image up for sale.

You can buy a plain rolled up poster for about 6 dollars, or you can buy one on stretched canvas or pre-framed if you feel like it!


Kaitlin Moon asked me: “Do you ever experience artist block and what is your cure that you use to overcome it?”

That happens when I get bored of a subject, technique, process… because I did it too often or because I’m not in this mood anymore (that’s why my style has changed a lot after years,…

That delilah painting uses so many valuable techniques, I learn more and more from that single image alone than anything else

Unforgotten Realms - Character sheet

Created by Robert Moran

Sir Schmoopy, Eluamous Nailo, Gaary, Roamin the Paladin