Unforgotten Realms - Character sheet

Created by Robert Moran

Sir Schmoopy, Eluamous Nailo, Gaary, Roamin the Paladin

Lord Roamin The Dragon

requested by Rawb, from my stream tonight. 


by @nickjgraves

forgot to post this every whar else, thanks chad!



OKay so this was inspired on this comment on Reddit from when Guude was elected president of POC 2014. I wanted to do it in the very same style of the popular Obama posters… But before I post this anywhere else I’d like to ask for opinions from the north american pals… Do you guys think this is offensive? I’m not entirely sure but it’s meant as a harmless joke/reference, yet I wanted to ask to be sure.

So yep. Hope you like it!

List of self reminders for future me to do tomorrow because I’m too tired right now:

- Fix top lip shading

- Add signature

- Fix transparency

- Make it like he’s smiling a bit more maybe

holy shit this is awesome




YetiiWho92 and JTHousek1, as Rangers from Dwarves vs Zombies.

Fitzy the shark everyone

The Receiver

produced by Guude Boulderfist

starring Jarool “The Controller”

Here’s some speed art of the jarool drawing if you m8’s are interested. 

Jarool Emperor Battle Penguin

Rob demanded fan art of his costume at PoC, I finally finished.

Fitzy, The Piece of Gahbage.

From Rob’s Pokemon Reborn stream. Fitzy died, but was reborn as a shiny. Like Gandalf. Ace. fitzytheoddball